The Northern Fisheries Research Institute

Northern Fisheries Research Institute

Director, PhD in Biology, Dmitry Ivanter

185031, Russia, Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Varkaus, 3

Phone/Fax: +7 (8142) 78-32-85

E-mail: ivanter @ research.karelia.ru

The Northern Fisheries Research Institute (SevNIIRH) was founded in March of 1931. It`s major objective is the investigation of freshwater basins of Karelia for the purpose of the most complete and effective use of their fish resources.

The SevNIIRH has 7 scientific subdivisions (labs and departments) with 60 staff-members.

The main areas of SevNIIRH scientific activities are the following:

  • investigation and evaluation of the industrial fish resources (stock structure and distribution) in the coastal water basins;
  • elaboration of methods of natural and artificial reproduction of valuable fish species;
  • aquaculture;
  • farming, fish food and feeding;
  • fish genetics, selection and gene engineering;
  • creation of reservoir fish cadasters;
  • ecological examination of industrial projects;
  • ecological toxicology and biomonitoring.

The SevNIIRH has constantly renewed data banks about the inshore basins of the Northern region (Karelia, Arkhangelsk region) for many years. The information on the industrially valuable species amount and population structure enables annual and long-term forecasting and evaluation of limits of possible fish-outs for small fish populations. Long-term research projects are conducted to create a cadaster of important fishery basins.

Reseach projects of the SevNIIRH concern the following fish species: freshwater and Atlantic anadromous salmon, brook trout, lake char, whitefish, peled, cisco, grayling, sander, pike, bram.

General areas of research interests are the following: investigation of biotic and abiotic circumstances of valuable fish species reproduction in natural conditions, biological and ecological monitoring of certain stocks, biotechnology and biological foundations for biotechnologies, development of projects of certain fish species amount increase and evaluation of the practical reproduction and presentation of the research results.

In 1985 - 1990 comparative ecological and toxicological research projects were conducted in the areas, including Karelia, Primorski territory, Bashkiria, Southern Ural and Eastern Kazakhstan.

The main objective of the research is the improvement of water surface quality control, evaluation of the biological quality of water and of the antropogenic influence on basins.

Since 1981 projects on ecological expert examination have been carried out in the Institute with the purpose of evaluating the influence of existing industrial enterprises, buildings and various industrial activities on water ecosystems of the European North. About 130 objects have been examined during this period, including those like Kolskaya Nuclear Power Plant, Panajarvi HydroPP, more than 15 Hydroelectric Power Stations; about 20 oil and gas fields and all pulp and paper industries.

The SevNIIRH is actively cooperating with the neighboring Finland. Since 1978 research projects have been conducted with the Hunt and Fishery Research Institute (Helsinki) on the borderland lakes in order to preserve common fish resources for reproduction. The trout gene engineering research projects have been held together with the University of Kuopio. Joint projects with Finnish specialists are also realized in the sphere of environment protection, aquaculture and others.